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Dating A Nerdy Guy: 15 Reasons Why Nerds Make Great Boyfriends!

Many nerds would jump at the chance to date the hottest girl in class, Latin mail order brides, and magazine cover girls, indicating that their love interests are pretty standard. If you’ve been dating a guy for a very short period of time, but he already wants to spend every second of every day with you, be careful because this is a serious red flag! This particular type of needy guy wants to spend so much time with you that he’s willing to invite himself out with you and “the girls,” and that’s a big problem. If you’re dating someone who considers themselves a nerd, they more than likely enjoy playing video games.

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So many of us are introduced to science with a focus on memorizing complicated facts and equations, to try and get a good grade. But whenever you take a step back and you educate people on the really cool parts of science that are relevant to daily life, they get really interested. Then, I had a viral video within my first month and skyrocketed up to 23,000 followers. Still, between the ups and downs of my first two years in college, I took plenty of time off.

She finds that men are more aware of women’s desires; if they can’t sustain erections, they’re more thoughtful and creative, and they compensate—often with oral sex. “They’re very willing to do whatever it takes,” she said. Those relationships, whether casual or serious, typically involve sex. Some researchers have found evidence of a loss of libido in older age, especially among women, but other researchers I interviewed disputed that. For reasons like this and others, a growing number of older people are “living apart together,” meaning they’re in a relationship but don’t share a home.

Four Rules for Dating a Nerd

He’s passionate and genuine, and he certainly isn’t interested in being with someone who isn’t ready to have the ”What are we? He doesn’t play mind games because he wants to keep his cards open. There are many ways to be nerdy, and if you’re the Harry Potter type or the music type or the computer type or the book reading type, dating nerdy is the way to go. Intelligence often have made the nerds, a great man congratulations.

And if you consider yourself a dedicated person, it’s great to find someone that can match that. #5 She is a treasure trove of random facts. And you can be sure it won’t be as boring as the clothes they plan to wear to work tomorrow. With a nerdy girl, she’ll have endless material to talk about if you’re down for listening.


You don’t need to be in a situation where you are forced to continually prove your allegiance to a man. There’s a guy being a little search MeetMe insecure…and there’s full-on crazy possessive. If you think it’s the former, have a conversation to reassure him of your affection.

But upon further examination, choosing a nerd may improve your chances of making a real connection. We’re referring to that bespeckled guy that you overlooked so many years ago because he wasn’t cool. Well, brace yourself for revenge of the nerds, because this soft-spoken loner is smart, sincere and will genuinely be nice to you. If you haven’t given a second look to the guy that looks like your former Chemistry tutor, perhaps you should delve deeper into this untapped resource.

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There are cheesy pick up lines, and then there are nerdy pick up lines like this one. This person gets extra bonus points for the sniveling look on his face. This is the opposite problem most students have when writing papers! Then again, most students only wish they were this nerdy. We’ve seen our fair share of awful senior portraits, but this one takes the cake. It’s like Sir Lancelot discovered the wonders of Photoshop.

Instead, talk about one of your passions, the inspiring novel you just read, or your weird hobby. Don’t worry if your quirky interests aren’t stereotypically nerdy–share them anyway. It’s the passion behind them that counts.

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If you’re dating a geeky guy, though, they are the very last thoughts on your mind. He’ll find you appealing whether you’re wearing lingerie or simply jammies. A nerdy guy won’t come straight out and ask you for a date. It’s more likely that they will hang in your favourite spots and hope you notice them. They’ll act nervous around you but will come alive when talking about their passions. In the end, you might be the one to ask them on a date because it’s so obvious they want to ask you out.

Let him know that it’s important for you to have a life outside of him. If it’s not immediately evident that you have a possessive boyfriend, take a look at these signs to determine whether you should end this relationship or try to work on things. He wants to manipulate you into doing the things he wants. He won’t take your feelings into consideration.