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The ‘HBCU Vs PWI’ Debate And Emotional Intelligence

Jamecia Laws, a third year law student who attended the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, said HBCUs offer a wide range of scholarships. Alvin Boss is a fourth year student at Morehouse college, a HBCU in Atlanta, Ga. He said he decided to go to an HBCU because of the sense of unity they offered.

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Homecoming is the biggest event of the entire school year for all HBCU. SPARKHOUSE, or the Homecoming for Spelman, Morehouse, and Clark Atlanta, is one of the biggest homecoming celebrations, and it is a week-long event. There are events from comedy shows to R&B concerts, Hip-Hop concerts, gospel expos, tailgate, and the homecoming football game from Monday to Sunday.

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This research could also be continued in several ways such as by involving different groups of students or looking at other aspects that the schools may affect. That means every time I log on, post a video, or respond to a comment, I’m a real-life example of what being a woman in STEM looks like. I have the power to encourage and uplift women like me, who might feel discouraged from pursuing the kind of career I choose to pursue.

We only go into the depth of our history for one month out of the year while every other history but ours is taught all other 11 months. We need to know about the slave trade, slavery, Jim Crow laws and the Civil Rights movement. First, I wanted to see where I could get accepted and potentially get a competitive scholarship. This blog entry will not end the HBCU vs. PWI debate, but I want it to inspire folks to continue a constructive discourse about how we can take the intellectual resources from both HBCUs and PWIs to ensure we’re all winning.

In the last couple of years, one of the most controversial topics among Black millennial students exploded from social media. In an effort to accuse the other side of “selling out,” college students have now found themselves in a never-ending debate that is furthering the divide in the Black community. The HBCU vs. PWI debate has endured for over two decades, and frankly speaking, far too long. Essentially, black students who attend historically black colleges and universities feel that black students who attend predominantly white institutions aren’t getting a true “black experience” and are sellouts. A PWI refers to predominantly white institutions, basically any institution of higher learning that wasn’t labeled an HBCU prior to 1964.

Many college students are debating whether to attend an HBCU or a PWI. For those who don’t know, HBCUs are Historically Black Colleges and Universities, while PWIs are Predominantly White Institutions. HBCUs also tend to have a strong focus on diversity and inclusion. Students of all backgrounds are welcome and respected at HBCUs.

“Black schools are predominantly good in having problems with financial aid and are not able to provide their students with the necessary funds to graduate. This could be a major problem for students with no money to attend one” . There are more funds in PWI institutions than in what the latter can afford, and this is a struggle that bothers more the students in HBCUs institution. This problem makes it impossible for HBCU to offer the most quality education with diversification and programs that cannot be brought to credit. Furthermore, it seems that people have selective amnesia when it comes to black students succeeding in white places.

We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to your market. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. Laws said because there are more Black students at HBCUs, Black fraternities and sororities are more prevalent there. “There are just certain things that a Black student needs and one of those things include community. What it means to see a professor that looks like me, or that looks like you,” Mckinzie said.

She said their school being in the south does help expose everyone to Black culture more. Secondly, the student body at a PWI is often overwhelmingly white and wealthy, which can create an uncomfortable and even hostile environment for black students. The purpose of this blog is to show intending students the pros and cons of attending HBCU. For example, one of my close friends, who is a Morehouse student, his Spelman sister helped pay off his entire school tuition.

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In high school, seniors are faced with the daunting decision of where to spend the next four years of their life. For black seniors, another decision they have to make is whether to attend a PWI or an HBCU. For some, an HBCU is the obvious pick while for others, a PWI is more their speed.

These students were all freshmen between the ages of 18-24, when they first began this study and had GPAs of at least 2.5. These students volunteered for the study and were informed that they could leave the study at any time if they no longer wanted to participate. As an incentive to participate in this study, participants received a Visa gift card after completing establishedmen delete the study. An HBCU is a college or university that was established prior to 1964, whose primary goal is to educate Black Americans. In contrast, a PWI is a college or university where White students make up 50% or more of the student population. The decision of whether to attend an HBCU or PWI is one that many people have to make when choosing a college to attend.

Arowolo said while SIU does promote itself as being diverse when it comes to the Black students they don’t feel they can celebrate their culture to its fullest extent like they would be able to at an HBCU. Ashley Hinton, a first year student in the psychology program at SIU, said although she came to SIU because it was in-state and affordable, the atmosphere of attending a PWI can make Black students feel uncomfortable. Predominantly White Institutions and Historically Black Colleges and Universities can affect the way Black students interact with their school and academic community. She said when Black women end up going to PWIs, not being around that many black people, and Black men who grew up in that area being used to dating White women, it severely limits Black women’s options when it comes to dating. A fifth-year student studying computer science said, when looking for a relationship, most people want to find someone who can understand certain issues that affect them and how those issues make them feel.

On the HBCU side, you are paying to live and learn among your own people about your own history, and to apply that knowledge into professional training and industrial context. On the PWI side, we are learning how to navigate the inevitable sting and impact of American racism, and to apply that knowledge into professional training and industrial context. Being Black at an HBCU is celebrated, so instead of explaining away your culture, it is praised, studied, respected and, frankly, a right to embrace your true-self. Sign up for ESSENCE Newsletters the keep the Black women at the forefront of conversation.