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Inside Rita Moreno’s Tragic Relationship With Marlon Brando

Born James Dewitt Yancey, the Detroit native left an indelible mark on the hip-hop and music landscape in such a short amount of time. He worked with artists including A Tribe Called Quest, Erykah Badu, De La Soul, Busta Rhymes, The Pharcyde, Thundercat and Peanut Butter Wolf, but his life and work were cut short after battling several illnesses and passing away at 32. Produced and directed by Christopher Frierson and Esther Dere, the documentary explores his work and how his family and estate executors negotiate his legacy.

He Married The Wrong Woman

While much has been said about the Oscar winner’s personal life, she has never let her relationships define her — and that is perfectly illustrated in her 1996 interview with Jane Pauley. Cher’s career has spanned several decades and counting, her love life has spanned even longer, and both have seen their fair share of glamour and melodrama. The Goddess of Pop metamorphosed from a folk-tinged 1970s TV star in a decade-long marriage into a pop icon with a kaleidoscopic romantic history. In the aftermath of the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., Brando made one of the strongest commitments to furthering King’s work. Shortly after King’s death, he announced that he was bowing out of the lead role of a major film (The Arrangement) (1969) which was about to begin production in order to devote himself to the civil rights movement. “I felt I’d better go find out where it is; what it is to be black in this country; what this rage is all about,” Brando said on the late-night ABC-TV talk show Joey Bishop Show.

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Brando’s award was announced, and Littlefeather then ascended to the main stage wearing a fringed buckskin dress adorned with beadwork (many traditional Apache dresses feature these details). She then politely declined the statuette from presenter Roger Moore. “And the reasons for this being are the treatment of American Indians today by the film industry.” Littlefeather became the first person in the ceremony’s 45-year history to use the Oscars stage for such a statement.

Children might not be able to read quickly enough, or not at all, he says, and therefore dubbed versions are better for family movies not originally in English. He praised the French-language “Belle and Sebastian” (2013) as “a great family film.” The Hertel Avenue theater showed it dubbed so children could appreciate it. Unfortunately, he adds, dubbing by small, independent producers that don’t have big budgets results in uneven quality.

He dropped out due to health reasons, but not before filming scenes with Lyonne. On why Brando would want to appear in a gross-out bawdy comedy, Lyonne told Entertainment Weekly, “I don’t know what he was thinking.” In addition to his three marriages, Brando had some serious high-profile relationships. Actress Rita Moreno was with “bad guy” Brando for almost eight years, a relationship that left her so despondent that she tried to take her own life in his house (via Variety). He also had an on-again, off-again relationship with actress Jill Banner (via EW) and his lovers reportedly included actresses Marilyn Monroe, Shelly Winters, and Nancy Qwan (via New York Daily News). Brando was also reportedly involved with a number of men, including French actor Christian Marquand, and allegedly named his first child after him.

And then he finally took home gold for best actor in On the Waterfront in 1955. Only, something very odd happened concerning the physical trophy—his Oscar went MIA. Still whirling from his vicious slap, Moreno started screaming at Brando, losing her mind on camera in a totally unscripted moment.

Early career: 1944–1951

Gracie gave her address as his, so now she asks Harry von Zell to get George out of the house for awhile. George finds out what Gracie is up to, but plays along. A young Julie arrives and after seeing how old Cuthbert is, she leaves.

James Mason struck the last blow as Brutus at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin in the 40s. Mark Antony, who was Caesar’s underboss, united the people of Rome and went after the conspirators, finally forming a triumvirate with Lepidus and Octavian to rule the fledgling empire before “going native” in Egypt with Cleopatra. That period in Roman history is one of the most documented in ancient times and it was the basis for William Shakespeare’s classic play Julius Caesar. That play and its unofficial sequel, Antony and Cleopatra, would spark some of the most spectacular stories in motion picture history. The New York Times Presents The Legacy of J DillaWatch a documentary feature about prolific musician and producer J Dilla.

Reflecting on his life, Brando’s daughter Rebecca told GQ, “In the end he only made money so he could help fight injustices.” Brando was so close with Adler that he virtually became a part of her family. According to Vanity Fair, Adler offered a de-facto home for the young Brando, and he soon developed a romance with her daughter, Ellen Adler.

A month or so earlier Ingrid had given birth to Renato Rossellini in Italy and, evidently, her betrayal of her husband was all too much for the good senator. Even a ‘quickie’ divorce in Mexico and marriage to Rossellini did nothing to assuage the public and media indignation. After all, the public perception of Ingrid mirrored her movie roles, particularly as Joan of Arc (1948) and as a saintly nun in The Bells of St. Mary’s (1945). She was many things to many people, but a ‘saint’ she was not. It took until 1956 and her Oscar-winning performance in Anastasia (1956), before she was eventually forgiven her indiscretion.

The actor told the court, “Perhaps I failed as a father. The tendency is always to blame the other person. There were things I could have done differently…I did the best I could.” “She was placed yesterday under conservatorship,” Cheyenne’s attorney Michael Nasatir told the judge in Santa Monica Superior Court after the legal development in Tahiti, per the LA Times. “She has been declared incompetent to handle her own affairs,” including the care of her baby. “We lived terrible tragedies and we all suffered a lot,” Teriipaia said in a conversation with her co-author Lionel Duroy for Paris Match when the book came out, according to Reuters.

Agent Irving Paul “Swifty” Lazar helped Brando get a $10 raise, from $65 to $75 a week, for his Broadway debut in I Remember Mama. Lazar recalled how in 1945, Brando and his then-girlfriend, Blossom Plumb, would sit silently for hours at a time listening to Lazar make deals over the phone. The late comedian claimed to have had a secret love affair with Monroe during a candid interview with GQ in 2011. Monroe’s drug addiction caused problems on set and at home, and shortly before the film’s premiere in 1961, she and Miller divorced after five years of marriage. Brando escorted Monroe to the premiere of The Rose Tattoo (pictured), and the two remained friendly until the end of her life. Perhaps the two most famous actors of their generation, Monroe and Brando were rumored to have briefly dated in 1955, after her divorce from DiMaggio and before her relationship with Miller.

(1952), with a script by John Steinbeck, traces Emiliano Zapata’s rise from peasant to revolutionary to president of Mexico. Brando followed that with Julius Caesar and then The Wild One (1954), in which he played a motorcycle-gang leader in all his leather-jacketed glory. Next came his Academy Award winning role as a longshoreman fighting the system in On the Waterfront, a hard-hitting look at New York City labor unions. Brando, nicknamed Bud, was the third of the three children of Dorothy (“Dodie”) Pennebaker Brando, an amateur actress, and Marlon Brando, Sr., a traveling salesman.

When she was four, her mother took her to New York in search of a better life, leaving behind Rita’s father (whom she saw again only once) and brother. From her earliest days, she remembers being called a “spic”. At six, she made her professional debut at Greenwich theatre. She dropped out of school at 15 and by 16 was the family’s breadwinner.